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Roads must be deactivated according to the pre-approved Deactivation Plan when they are no


longer in regualr use and are not being regularly maintained. At this time, the roadway prism and cleared width must be stabilized and natural drainage restored.




Integrated resource management objectives and ongoing and future vehicle access requirements as identified in the Access Management Plan must be incorporated into deactivation planning.

The extent of deactivation as identified in the Access Management Plan must take into considertion the period that regular use of the road is to be suspeneded, and the risk to other resources.

MVC-025S.JPG (30242 bytes)Information must be posted to advise roade users of hazards that may be expected due to deactivation. Particular attention must be paid to stream crossing areas during the deactivation process to encure the maintenance of quality stream habitat.



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Planning Revegetation
Protecting Aquatic Habitat Deactivation
Information for this wall chart was compiled by Eric L. Kay, of  Kay and Associates, Forest Road Consultants and International Training Consultants

This wall chart was produced by Logging and Sawmilling Journal