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Download  Bio-engineering Estimator               March 2000     44KB    Spreadsheet in MS Excel to calculate quantities of materials for harvesting and Planting for Bio-engineering projects.
Download  Accumulated Rainfall Calculator         March 2000     25KB    Spreadsheet in MS Excel.  Rainfall work shutdown Guideline calculations. This spreadsheet records daily rainfalls (12 and/or 24hr periods) and flags a warning when Rainfall Shutdown Guidelines are exceeded and work needs to be stopped. This also keeps track of accumulated rainfalls and again indicates when guidelines are exceeded and work needs to be stopped.  It will indicate when it safe to resume work when the accumulated rainfall falls below the guidelines.
Download  Blasting for Deactivation               Dec 1999       47KB    Spreadsheet in MS Excel.   Where Machine access is restricted, or not desired, or not cost effective, this spreadsheet will provide assistance to use explosives to; 
(1)       Re-establish native slope hydrology.
(2)       Effectively remove wood and metal culverts and excavate a stable stream crossing,   
(3)       Remove the at-risk excess fill on outside of road edge, 
(4)       Stabilize at-risk overhanging cut-slopes.   
You will use this estimator for; 
A)                 Quantities and cost of explosives,  
B)                 Workers times and costs,  
C)                 Transportation of workers times and costs,
D)                 Transportation of explosives times and costs.

Instructions for Downloading a File from the Kay Associates Site

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